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Biographie Home theater is difficult to define - it's really just a vague term for a particular approach to home entertainment. Generally speaking, a home theater system is a combination of electronic components designed to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a theater. When you watch a movie on a home theater system, you are more immersed in the experience than when you watch one on an ordinary television.

To see how home theaters do this, let's take a look at the original model - the movie theater. When it comes to picture and sound, the theater can offer an amazing experience we just don't get at home. That's usually why people will pay to go to the movies, even though renting a movie is cheaper. There are a few main components that make watching TV and going to the movies very different.

One of the biggest differences is the sound experience. When you go to see a movie in a quality movie theater, you'll hear the music, sound effects and dialogue not just from the screen, but all around you. A standard movie theater has three speakers behind the screen - one to the right, one to the left and one in the center - and several other speakers spread out in the rest of the theater. In this surround sound system like 5.1 Home Theater Sound System, you hear different parts of the soundtrack coming from different places. When somebody on the left side of the screen says something, you hear it more from the left speaker. And in a movie like "Star Wars," you hear a rumbling swoosh travel from the front of the theater to the rear as a spaceship flies toward the camera and off the screen. You are more involved in the experience of watching a film because the world of the movie is all around you.

The second chief component of the theater experience is the large size of the movie screen. In a theater, the screen takes up most of your field of view, which makes it very easy to lose yourself in the movie. After all, you're sitting in the dark with only one thing to look at, and everything you're looking at seems much bigger than life.

We also enjoy going to the movies because we can see everything so well. Film projectors present very large, clear pictures. The detail is much sharper than what we see on an ordinary 19-inch television, and the movement is much more fluid. We may not consciously recognize this, but it does make a significant difference in how we enjoy a movie. When we can see more detail, we are more engrossed in the world of the movie.

The most indispensable part of a Home Theater System is the speaker. Speakers are used to connect to a computer to generate sound, which are one of the most common output devices. Some speakers are designed to connect with any kind of sound system, while some can be hooked up only with computers. With the computer speaker like 2.0 Desktop Speaker, the computer's sound card creates a signal that is used to produce sound. The primary objective of speakers is to offer audio output for the listener. The electromagnetic waves are converted into sound waves through the speaker as they are transducers. The devices, like an audio receiver or computer, give audio input to speakers, which may be in the form of analog or digital. The function of the analog speaker is simply to magnify the analog electromagnetic waves into sound waves.

The sound waves are produced in analog form, but first, the digital input is converted into an analog signal by digital speakers then the sound waves are generated. The amplitude and frequency define the sound produced by speakers. The frequency determines the pitch of the sound of how high or low it is. For case, a bass guitar or kick drum generates low sounds waves, while a soprano singer's voice produces sounds in the high-frequency range. The sound quality, how clear it will be, depends upon the speaker system's ability; if it is able to accurately reproduce sound frequencies, it can be the best indicator to determine audio quality.

There are numerous speakers that consist of different speaker cones, which make them capable of offering more accurate sounds for different ranges. The three-way speakers generally contain a subwoofer like 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker, mid-range speaker, and a tweeter, whereas the two-way speakers have a mid-range speaker and a tweeter. The air pressure created by the speakers' sound waves determines the loudness or amplitude. And also, there are speakers for different shapes like Portable Speaker, Tower Speaker(2.0 Tower Speaker) and speakers for different usages like Multimedia Speaker, Party Speaker and Bluetooth Speaker.

Like a sound card of computer and some other audio sources produce the signal low, which may need to be augmented by the speakers. This is the reason, to amplify the signal, most of the external computer speakers use electricity; hence, they are amplified. Speakers that have the ability to increase the sound input are commonly known as active speakers. If a speaker can be plugged into an electrical outlet or consists of volume control, you can easily determine if the speaker is active. The passive speakers are those that do not have any internal amplification; these speakers need a high level of audio input as they do not increase the audio signal.

Usually, speakers come in pairs that led to producing stereo sound. It means, on two separate channels, the left and right speakers produce audio. Music sounds much more natural when you use two speakers, as in this condition, our ears hear sounds from the left and right at one time, which makes sounds much more natural. Furthermore, surround systems can produce more realistic sound as they may include four to seven speakers, including a subwoofer. 
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